Should you feed before a ride? What are the facts?

When a horse is exercised the body diverts blood flow away from the digestive organs to satisfy the huge oxygen requirements of the muscles of a horse in work. This is the reason why we were all told not to feed our horses before (or soon after) intense exercise...decreased blood flow leads to decreased gut motility, add that to a gut full of half-digested feed and you’ve got textbook conditions for colic!

Plot twist:  When a horse’s stomach is empty, without alkalizing fiber to digest, the acid that is constantly produced by horses and other single stomached grazing animals can rapidly become corrosive to the unprotected upper region of the horse’s stomach.  Make that acid slosh around in a medium trot across the diagonal or a canter around the back 40 and you’ve got textbook conditions for ulcers.

So, pick your poison, is it?... Colic or Ulcers? Not so fast.

What if you could create the naturally alkaline environment of a belly full of grass, without the dry fiber content that causes the colic risk in an exercising horse?  

You can! Sporthorse Apothecary Gut Tonic is the missing link. 

When administered just prior to training, the specially formulated mixture immediately begins to work WITH your horse's digestive juices to protect and soothe the entire GI tract. The rapid relief experienced by so many horses is because of a purposeful blend of quickly digesting, hyper-alkalizing herbs and emollient botanicals. These simple all-natural ingredients digest just like food (because they ARE food!) restoring alkaline pH balance to your horse's gut without sacrificing the natural digestive process. Immediately upon contact with your horse's digestive juices, the potent ingredients in Gut Tonic create a “flash alkalization” of the stomach contents. As further digestion of the all-natural formula continues, the soothing and coating power of the carefully chosen emollient botanicals goes to work, protecting the sensitive and vulnerable areas of his stomach and hindgut.  Powerful, long-lasting results from ingredients that are actually nourishing to your horse. It’s like all the goodness from a days worth of grazing in one power-packed delicious dose!

An all-natural treatment of more than 45 herbs and botanicals for treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers and their recurrence in the modern sport horse.



Gut Tonic was exactly the missing link I needed to complete my program!I can fix the mental game, stamina, stride, bones, and muscles, but if I'm not addressing the gut then it's all for nothing. (Gut Tonic) is helping add stamina, increase energy in the lethargic horses, and calming the hot ones, while bringing my horses back to baseline health and I couldn't be happier!"
Ashley M - SPA Customer 




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