No.14 Gut Tonic

No.14 Gut Tonic

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"I can fix the mental game, stamina, stride, bones, and muscles, but if I'm not addressing the gut then it's all for nothing. Gut Tonic is helping add stamina, increase energy in the lethargic horses, and calming the hot ones while bringing my horses back to baseline health and I couldn't be happier!" ~ Beyond the Rail TB Racing and Rehab Center

Today, we live in a time when manufactured medicines and prescriptions prevail, even for our horses, but do they have to be the only approach to healing?

Even with all of these engineered options at our fingertips, many people find themselves turning back to the medicinal plants that started it all: Herbal remedies that have the ability to heal and boost physical and mental well-being for horses and humans alike.

With Sporthorse Apothecary's Formula No.14 Gut Tonic, your horse really gets the best of what the herbs can give his digestive system. Our proprietary formula will nourish your horse while soothing and protecting his sensitive GI tract. Gut Tonic is a true merger of all the goodness that nature provides us with, a highly palatable blend of powerful herbs and botanicals, nature’s answer to your horse’s GI tract troubles.

Hand-mixed in small batches in the mountains of Asheville NC, Gut Tonic tackles the common causes of equine ulcers without the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

What matters most, however, is that the Gut Tonic works incredibly well. The rapid digestibility of highly alkaline herbs is the secret behind the immediate relief many horses experience.

Safe and effective, this proprietary blend of powerhouse ingredients works fast, bringing many horses noticeable relief from day one!

No. 14 Gut Tonic is a nutritive and holistic approach to managing the horse’s gastrointestinal health, including the stomach and the hindgut. All-natural ingredients which have been proven to naturally aid in the relief of equine gastrointestinal discomfort while protecting the delicate lining of the upper stomach. Our easily-digested formula is readily bioavailable and goes to work immediately, bringing many horses noticeable immediate relief. 

    • A 100% all-natural premium blend of more than 40 herbs and botanicals
    • Easily digested formula gives your horse rapid relief
    • Nutrient-dense all-natural ingredients FEED your horse
    • Aloe Vera protects the sensitive linings of your horse's stomach and intestines. 
    • Slippery Elm soothes inflammation of the stomach, bowel and intestinal tract. It also absorbs toxins which can cause intestinal imbalances. 
    • Marshmallow Root contains mucilage, a soluble fiber that becomes gel-like when wet and forms a protective film over aggravated mucous membranes.
    • Herbs to naturally stimulate appetite
    • Herbs to naturally stimulate salivation (saliva is the body’s FIRST line of defense against stomach acid) 
    • Activator herbs, which work on a chemical level to release and boost the power of the primary blend.  
    • No Chemicals, No Fillers, Nothing Artificial!
    • Every single ingredient has a BENEFICIAL EFFECT on your horse
    • Earthy, sweet flavor, horses love it!
    • Formulated for quick digestion
    • Perfect for all horses
    • Handmade in small batches in Asheville, NC.
    • It contains no FEI or USEF banned herbs or substances. 

This specially blended and soothing natural formula is a holistic approach to managing your horse’s GI health. Your horse's stomach will be protected during times of stress when it is most vulnerable to acid erosion. Gentle enough to use daily, Gut Tonic should be given any time your horse will be exposed to increased stress factors. Your horse will be protected and wholly nourished by our nutrient-dense formula.

Our formulas have a much higher concentration of herbs per dose ensuring greater effectiveness. They also contain unique herbs not found in other products.

With a healthy GI tract, you can expect:

    • Efficient nutrient absorption
    • Slow and steady digestion
    • A healthy hindgut
    • Stomach and hindgut acids at healthy levels
    • Natural immunity

A comfortable horse is a happier horse that enjoys being with you. And a relaxed, willing partner is only possible with a healthy mind and body.  

Try Sporthorse Apothecary's Gut Tonic and see how you can get the relationship – and the results – with your horse that you’ve always wanted.

The NATURAL answer for a happier, healthier horse. 


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Customer Reviews

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Gut Tonic is seriously magic!

My thoroughbred has been on it for 2 weeks now and is eating significantly better, no more being cranky when I blanket her, and back to being wild in her turnouts. She's also put on a solid 100lbs!"

Gut Tonic was exactly the missing link I needed to complete my program!

I can fix the mental game, stamina, stride, bones, and muscles, but if I'm not addressing the gut then it's all for nothing. (Gut Tonic) is helping add stamina, increase energy in the lethargic horses, and calming the hot ones, while bringing my horses back to baseline health and I couldn't be happier!"