No.14 Gut Tonic
No.14 Gut Tonic
No.14 Gut Tonic
No.14 Gut Tonic

No.14 Gut Tonic

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(AVG. 30 Day Supply Per 1 Horse) 

"Gut Tonic was exactly the missing link I needed to complete my program. I can fix the mental game, stamina, stride, bones, and muscles, but if I'm not addressing the gut then it's all for nothing. (Gut Tonic) is helping add stamina, increase energy in the lethargic horses, and calming the hot ones, while bringing my horses back to baseline health and I couldn't be happier!"  ★★★★★

-Ashley M. Beyond the Rail TB Racing and Rehab Center

No. 14 Gut Tonic is a nutritive and holistic approach to managing the horse’s gastrointestinal health, including the stomach and the hindgut. 

When it comes to your horse's digestive health, go beyond symptom control. Opt for true wellness with Sporthorse Apothecary's Gut Tonic.

Gut Tonic is a highly palatable blend of powerful herbs and botanicals, nature’s answer to your horse’s GI tract troubles.

A proprietary formula that will nourish your horse while soothing and protecting a sensitive GI tract.

Hand-mixed in small batches in the mountains of Asheville NC Gut Tonic tackles the common causes of equine ulcers without the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

SpA Gut Tonic contains a fast-acting natural compound that goes to work immediately, bringing many horses noticeable relief from day one.

The rapid digestibility of highly alkaline herbs is the secret behind the immediate relief many horses experience.

Safe and effective, this proprietary blend of powerhouse ingredients works fast!

Gut Tonic ingredients are readily bioavailable, the relief spreads throughout the horse’s body as the formula is digested, that’s the secret behind the dapples!

A 100% all-natural premium blend of more than 40 herbs and botanicals.

Using only the purest ingredients from Mother Nature.

Each all-natural ingredient in Gut Tonic has been carefully hand-selected to soothe and nourish your horse. We’ve included herbs to address most common causes of ulcers in horses including:

  • excess acid production
  • physical stress
  • inflammation      
  • bacterial overgrowth

(NO USEF or FEI banned substances)

★★★★★  No.14 Gut Tonic ★★★★★

Incredibly effective premium formula to nourish your horse and ease what ails him.

A Natural answer to a happier, healthier horse. 


Lauren & Lilly said: 
" Gut Tonic is seriously magic! My thoroughbred has been on it for 2 weeks now and is eating significantly better, no more being cranky when I blanket her, and back to being wild in her turnouts. She's also put on a solid 100lbs!"  



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