Alkalize EQ with Natural Herbs

In your quest to heal your horse's gastric ulcers, you've searched high and low for ways to help him.  You want to eliminate his discomfort without simply masking symptoms.  You want to heal him, without causing additional side effects.  With Alkalize EQ, your horse can have it all!

Alkalize EQ is a premium herbal supplement for equine GI tract health. This entirely botanical mixture provides a combination of whole food ingredients specially formulated to help horses prone to ulcers or ulcer sensitivities.

In Alkalize EQ we have harnessed the potent healing power of over 40 different herbs and other botanicals.  This tested and perfected formula contains nature's medicine to protect and heal the equine digestive tract.

All ulcers must be treated in a three phase process; heal, manage, and prevent.  Alkalize EQ contains specifically chosen herbs to combat the challenges your horse faces in each phase.    We've included:

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich herbs to speed healing of active ulcers.
  • Herbs with potent antibacterial properties to eliminate harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, which has been associated with ulceration of the intestinal mucosa.
  • Herbs and botanicals to soothe and coat the lining of the stomach to help prevent acid splash from eroding the natural protective mucus barrier.
  • Activator Herbs to unlock and enhance the potency of the active herbal ingredients.