No.14 Gut Tonic Dosing Methods


When it comes to administrating your No.14 Gut Tonic to your horse you can let your creative powers come to play!

The goal is to create a delicious syrup like mixture by combining your Gut Tonic with water and shaking or stirring the mixture to create the amount you feel your horse needs. (You can mix the tonic in almost any bottle or shaker)

We advise administrating Gut Tonic in two ways:

. For most effective results mix or shake 1 scoop of Gut Tonic with 120ml of water until a syrup like texture has formed. Administer 120 ml 1-2 times daily 15 mins before feeding. 

. For dramatic results administer 120ml of Gut Tonic 20 minutes before exercise and or stress to allow the digestive process of the emollient herbs to be at maximum effect. 

(60ml syringe and feeding scoop included) 

  ★★★★★  No.14 Gut Tonic ★★★★★
Incredibly effective premium formula to nourish your horse and ease what ails him.


" Gut Tonic is seriously magic! My thoroughbred has been on it for 2 weeks now and is eating significantly better, no more being cranky when I blanket her, and back to being wild in her turnouts. She's also put on a solid 100lbs!"  
- Lauren S & Lilly 


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