No.14 Gut Tonic Dosing Directions

Gut Tonic has two methods of administration depending on your horse's individual needs.
1) For horses requiring moderate support or for maintenance dosing, one scoop of Gut Tonic may be top dressed on feed (for best results, feed with the first meal of the day)
2) For horses requiring a higher degree of support, Gut Tonic should be reconstituted with 120mL of water and syringed directly into the horse's mouth. (Dosing syringe included) For most dramatic results, give 20 minutes prior to training, allowing the digestive process of the emollient herbs to be at maximum effect.
(For horses slow to eat, Gut Tonic should be administered by syringe before feeding)

No.14 Gut Tonic

" Gut Tonic is seriously magic! My thoroughbred has been on it for 2 weeks now and is eating significantly better, no more being cranky when I blanket her, and back to being wild in her turnouts. She's also put on a solid 100lbs!"  ★★★★★
- Lauren S & Lilly