No.14 Gut Tonic Dosing Directions

Gut Tonic has several methods of administration depending on your horse's individual needs
. For maintenance of a healthy gut top dress 1 scoop of Gut Tonic on feed once or twice daily.

. For the most effective results mix or shake 1 scoop of Gut Tonic with 120ml of water until a syrup     like texture has formed. Administer 120 ml 1-2 times daily 15 mins before feeding. 

. For dramatic results administer 120ml 20 minutes before exercise, to allow the digestive process      of the emollient herbs to be at maximum effect. 

(60ml syringe and feeding scoop included) 



"Gut Tonic was exactly the missing link I needed to complete my program. I can fix the mental game, stamina, stride, bones, and muscles, but if I'm not addressing the gut then it's all for nothing. (Gut Tonic) is helping add stamina, increase energy in the lethargic horses, and calming the hot ones, while bringing my horses back to baseline health and I couldn't be happier!"  
-Ashley M. Beyond the Rail TB Racing and Rehab Center


No.14 Gut Tonic

" Gut Tonic is seriously magic! My thoroughbred has been on it for 2 weeks now and is eating significantly better, no more being cranky when I blanket her, and back to being wild in her turnouts. She's also put on a solid 100lbs!"  
- Lauren S & Lilly