Effects of Gut Health on Equine Performance

The horse’s hind leg movement is noticeably affected by digestive system discomfort. And since the hind leg is the source of impulsion for jumping, galloping, collection, and extension, everything from stride length and willingness to jump, to the ability to bend to the left or right can be affected by GI tract comfort as well. Give your horse every opportunity to perform at their natural best by feeding Sporthorse Apothecary's Gut Tonic once a day. Gut Tonic is a potent & all-natural GI tract balancer formulated with over 40 key herbs and botanicals to support a healthy digestive tract without synthetic chemicals.
The digestive system fuels every other system in the body. So when you feed Gut Tonic, you’re managing total horse health the way nature intended…and that means naturally promoting optimal performance.