The Dream

Years ago, I had a question: If so many equine ailments are caused by their unnatural lifestyle, why are people using unnatural substances to treat them? It seemed like adding fuel to an already raging fire…

When I bought Roman Innocence, a fiery Thoroughbred filly with a belly full of ulcers and a terrible case of EIPH, I found myself faced with that question again, but this time, the answer was personal.

The pharmaceutical culture in the horse world ignores the health of the whole horse, and that simply wasn’t ok with me.

I began researching alternatives to the cascade of side effects I saw coming from her pharmaceutical medications and began to experiment with herbs and energetics.   

 What started as a holistic experiment and an an outlet for my passion quickly grew into much more than mixing a few herbs together in my garage.

In 2013, everything changed when I met and teamed up with a professional equine herbalist.  With over a decade of purposeful experimentation at the racetrack under his belt, we were able to tailor and perfect a power packed completely natural formula to heal my horse.  

 After just 30 days on our newly minted formula, my filly ran so uncharacteristically well that she was selected for an especially in depth drug screening after the race! I took it as a compliment, and it was one of my proudest moments when it came back squeaky clean! Roman was healed, and back in the money all because of the power of herbs!

Word spread quickly and people began asking if I’d make our “magic potion” for their horse too.    There were so many horses being failed by pharmaceutical treatment that were helped by our formulas that orders began to roll in from racetracks across the country (and eventually across the world!) Demand grew so fast that I was faced with a decision: call my experiment a success and close up shop, or find a way to keep this unexpected business growing.

So here we are in 2018. With so many horses seeing such dramatic results at the track, I’ve decided to leave my assistant trainer position at the racetrack to focus all my energies on the passion I have for nurturing the vibrant health of horses through the Sporthorse Apothecary. As part of this change, my husband and I and our three children have moved back to my home state of NC to tether our gypsy souls and focus on mixing herbs and bringing the Sporthorse Apothecary formulas to the show horse world as well.

It started with a simple goal and our mission remains the same: Create premium, comprehensive herbal formulas to help sporthorses become their most vibrant and healthful selves.

Sporthorse Apothecary didn’t start with a formal business plan, and in fact I have very little background in business. I had always envisioned myself conquering the world from the back of a horse. Now I find myself using simple common sense and letting the horses be my guide as my dream of starting my own brand takes form.

 Sporthorse Apothecary is a project rooted in my own desire to see the wellbeing of the horse return to the very central focus of equestrian sports. Too often we see compromises being made and mainstream acceptance of “necessary evils” in the pursuit of sport. Horses are noble creatures, and they oblige us on this magnificent journey, but they did not choose this life for themselves. We owe it to them to seek ways to return to them the freedom and honesty they give us. Our hashtag #horsecomesfirst represents the mindset that's synonymous with our brand and it’s my unwavering commitment.

Giving Back

Another pillar of Sporthorse Apothecary is the desire to give back to those in need. We plan to hold regular charity campaigns where a portion of proceeds will be donated to worthy equine charities. In addition, it’s important to me to help further the efforts of equestrians who mirror our ethos that the horse comes first through our Brand Ambassador and Brand Representative Programs.